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True Tales Maps and River Boats

True Tales Locator Maps

Map of Mississippi River Valley (note True Tales near Quincy, IL)

Map of Long Island and locations where True Tale events occurred


Calliope on Gordon C. Greene Steamboat

The Majestic Steamboats

Before trains and planes, mass freight and passenger transportation used the river ways.
These majestic behemoths elicited curiosity and awe as they belched their black smoke
from engine rooms deep in the bowels of the ship.  Now-a-days, just a casual viewing of
these riverboat photos conjures up wonder and awe.  Enjoy a few photos.


Gordon C. Greene

Steamboat around the bend

Cincinnati Steamer on Ohio River

Ferry on river

Dick Lemen boarding and Clifton, TN

Passengers boarding steamer

Steamers: Young & Crescent at DuBuque, IA


Three steamers in action

For more:

Long Island Sounds

Barred Owl

Barred Owl - found in book
(Click on owl to hear audio)

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