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Remarkable Adventures

True Tales is a pictorial and historical account of early 1900s river life.  These are true adventures of a Mississippi River family who lived near Quincy, Illinois on seven mile Long Island many years before it was called Mark Twain National Wildlife Refuge. 

This 8.5" x 11" hard back has nearly 350 pages and is suitable as a table-top book.  In order to authenticate the river facts, 86 libraries, universities and publications were consulted to gather the support data and pictures.  Sixty short-story chapters including 11 sketches and well over 200 black & white photos
will rivet your attention and capture your heart. 

Get ready for an escape back to an idyllic time when hearts were simpler
and passions, loyalties and conscience ran deeper. 


True Tales will please the older river buffs, warm and inspire
the heart of the middle aged and charm the imaginations of the youthful.


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