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True Tales Front Cover

The two adventurous children on the cover are John and Lydia Hendrickson, Jack's
youngest grandchildren.  The lower Wisconsin River in Southwest Wisconsin is the
setting.  Jack's son and his family lived in Wisconsin for several years.  Exploring
the myriad sandbars in the Wisconsin River was a favorite pastime on summer
days.  This picture and setting so nearly replicated Jack's boyhood river
adventures that he felt it made for the perfect cover of True Tales.


After God and family, the lore and memories of Long Island life were some of Jack's
favorite topics of conversation.  He mused with great delight through the well
rehearsed and fond memories of his childhood.  Although there were many locations
on the island which tripped him back to a virtual reenactment of the original drama, no
spot was so hallowed and dear as the spartan frame house sitting on a earthen mound
next to Bullock River.  His little boy world revolved around this safe refuge where
all who he held dear lived.  Father, Mother and his four siblings created
a universe completely satisfying and full of wonderment.

The rendition found on the back cover of True Tales was Jack's fanciful way of
recreating the scene for you.  A whimsical nearly opaque picture of the house he
lived in is embedded into the lush green riverside, almost like he remembered.
And the glow in the window seems to shine like a welcome beacon saying,
"We left the light on for you."

When coming home from school each evening, he and his siblings found great
solace when their eyes spotted this heartwarming view of the 'center of their world.'




(Text found on Back Cover)

"Come with me on a trip into the past: We're going back to my deeply
cherished Long Island home."


"Just three miles north of LaGrange, MO, I approach our boat landing at the
Mississippi River 's edge.  I climb into the family skiff, position the oars and make
an evening crossing homeward… the same journey we children repeated hundreds
of times on our way home from school.  I land the boat and disappear under the
canopy of Bullock Island's tall timber.  A crude trail leads the way, until it opens up
into a clearing along a small stream.  I lift my eyes… and there it is!  Nestled on
the opposite bank of Bullock River is the primitive home of my dear island family.
In the dusk, the soft yellow glow from a coal oil lamp highlights the kitchen window."

"What has so powerfully drawn me here are the memories recorded in this book.
One by one these stories will introduce the reader to the faces and places, the pain and
pleasures, the heartbreak and the awesome courage that took place in that striking
and uncommon world.  All are True Tales… which make the memories so compelling."


True Tales Back Cover

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